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Vans x Babes Ride Out East Coast: Kelly McCaughey

Vans x Babes Ride Out East Coast: Kelly McCaughey


Rule # 1 for planning a solo road trip? Know all your stops… and if you plan on roaming around the green fields of New England or anywhere on the East Coast, you’re in for a real treat! 

From eerie roads with a paranormal past to delicious hole-in-the-wall diners, the route from New Jersey to Catskills is full of hidden gems. Jersey native and Babes Ride Out East Coast manager, Kelly McCaughey is one of the raddest girls we’ve met from the event, and for good reason. This dog loving, Sk8-Hi wearing, dirt bike ripper can name off any and all the best secret excursions to stop and enjoy while you’re making the trek down to Catskills. While Kelly was working her magic at BRO EC 2, we were able to pull away this busy-bee to fill us in on the best stops to make for anyone looking to plan a solo road trip on the East Coast.


1. Historic District of Mountainville, NJ

One of New Jersey’s “hidden villages”, Mountainville is one of my favorite places to go for a solo ride. Just a hop off a main road drops you onto a tight meandering country drive that winds its way to a strip of historic buildings huddled together along a babbling river. Blink and you might miss it. 
Just about any turn takes you cruising through parts of the NJ Conservation Land Trust, climbing twisty mountain roads. The ride passes historic farms and old stone buildings as the motorcycle hops over little bridges and digs into the dirt roads.

2. Black River Overlook, NJ

Exploring pays off big time when you find something super cool and long forgotten set against a stunning explosion of greenery only seen in the Northeast. While cruising up to this lookout, I found an extra surprise of what was once a swimming pool and pool house, probably from the 60’s and since taken over by nature.

I took just enough time to admire both the pool and sprawling view someone was once lucky enough to enjoy here. It’s a shame no one is enjoying this setup anymore, but I got to enjoy it on this day. While it’s not mine, today it was just for me. 


3. Shades of Death Rd & Ghost Lake, Jenny Jump State Forest

Shades of Death Road. Ghost Lake. ‘Nuff said. If you’re not too scared to explore these spots alone, it’s ripe for eerie solo adventures. The roads are incredibly fun to ride and full of beautiful sights, but also have a history full of folklore and superstition. Both the road and the lake have numerous stories about how they got their names, as well as eerie events and paranormal activity that took place there.


4. The Milford Diner - Milford, PA

I can’t pass through Milford, PA without stopping at the Milford Diner. It’s become like a tradition to stop there every time I’m headed to or from the Catskills. It’s one of those diners that’s classic but also next-level. You can get diner favorites but know they’re going to be delicious and perfect.  It’s on the cute little Main Street in Milford but also has a big parking lot, perfect for safe motorcycle parking or trailers. 


5. The Hawk’s Nest - Pond Eddy, NY

The Hawk’s Nest is actually on one of the BROEC planned-out routes called The Jersey Devil, and is a fav stop of motorcyclists and explorers of all kinds. Perched up high, it zigs and zags along the border of New York state overlooking the Delaware river and neighboring Pennsylvania. 


Photos: Virginia Cagney

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