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Vans x Babes Ride Out East Coast: Meghan Milligan

Vans x Babes Ride Out East Coast: Meghan Milligan


Excerpt from VansGirls interview by Brittany Wood....

Meghan is a 27 year old Pittsburgh native who loves the great outdoors as much as she loves life behind two-wheels. We met Meghan at the very first Babes Ride Out East Coast, and we’re excited to catch up with this dirt-riding maven once again to chat more about her future adventures, and get her tips for packing only the necessities for a solo moto trip (trust us…packing light is key).

1. Reserve Fuel Bottle: It’s always a good idea to have some extra gas on hand! If you’re riding to a campsite that’s in the middle of nowhere, there usually isn’t a gas station nearby. 

2. Lighter: Let’s be real, it’s much easier to start a fire with a lighter than rubbing sticks together. You’ll be warming up by your camp side fire in no time!

3. Backpack: It’s always a plus when you can fit all of your camping essentials in a backpack. It’s easy to carry and helps eliminate overpacking. Also great for moto travel 

4. Tool Roll: I ALWAYS pack tools when I go on a long moto trip. If something happens to your bike while you’re on the road, you want to make sure you’re prepared! A tool roll is an organized and compact way to pack up the necessities. 

5. Comfy Shoes: Since you’re pretty much on your feet the whole time comfortable shoes are a must. I always bring a pair of Slip-On’s— they’re super comfortable.

6. Headlamp: I never camp without a headlamp! They are SUPER handy if you arrive at your campsite as it gets dark & need to setup or if you need to navigate around at night.

7. Sunglasses: Being outdoors 24/7 while camping definitely calls for some sunglasses. Gotta protect your eyes from those UV rays!

8. Fanny Pack: Especially with moto camping, having a fanny pack is a game changer! It’s an easy way to carry around your necessities whether your riding to your campsite or hiking around your destination.

What are some things you’d want to pack? 

Photos: Virginia Cagney

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